Engineered Truth Premium Course Review

Matt from Engineered Truth was an engineer not too long ago and he hated his job. He hated it so much that after 3 different jobs he decided to quit to pursue Digital Marketing and later online business investing.

With many different streams of income such as his YouTube channel and multiple profitable businesses he owns, I think it’s safe to say that Matt is doing well for himself.

I would know since I’m his Content Writer at Engineered Truth. He gets to live in the Philippines, enjoying life and teaching others how to invest in online businesses.

In this article, I’m going to be giving my personal review of Engineered Truth Premium and determine whether or not it’s worth getting.

First Glance

The first time I heard about Engineered Truth Premium, it was from Matt directly. I applied to his content writer position he had open simply because I wanted to work with Matt.

Matt accepted my application and gave the course to me for free since I need a better understanding of what Engineered Truth Premium is all about (though the price of the course isn’t bad, only $20/month).

the layout

Matt has separate categories in Engineered Truth Premium which are

  • Online Business Investing
  • Crash Courses
  • Mindset
  • Community

Online Business Investing

This is where Matt prides himself in Engineered Truth Premium.

Matt describes this category as ” Everything you need to know about buying and investing in profitable online businesses condensed into concise & short videos.”

Needless to say, Matt exactly does this.

Matt understands that every business “guru” always says that you need to work hard and build a side hustle to become an entrepreneur, but in Matt’s case, this advice isn’t true.

They don’t take the time to even consider what situation their audience is in such as

  • Having a full-time job
  • Having a family or other important obligations

Matt likes to segment each video into certain days, so you only have to watch 1-2 videos a day. You don’t have to crank everything out in one sitting.

But before you get into the meat of the course, Matt gives you an introductory on buying online businesses. This introduction goes over whether or not you should invest into real estate or online business AND whether or not you should start an online business or just buy one.

Matt’s main takeaways for real estate vs online businesses are

  • A $300,000 house will bring you about $3,000/mo in revenue
  • A $300,000 online business will bring you about $9,000/mo in revenue
  • Similar to a property manager, you will hire an operator to manage and grow your online business.
  • Houses have way more costs:
    • Mortgage
    • Repairs
    • Property Managers
    • Property tax
  • A house will pay for itself in 12 – 15 years
  • A profitable online business will pay for itself in 2 – 3 years
  • Online houses can drop to 0, it can be riskier than buying a house
  • Risk can be mitigated by buying multiple smaller businesses instead of one large business.

Matt’s main takeaways for building vs buying online businesses are

  • The most efficient way for you to earn money is to stay at your current job.
  • Use the money from your job to buy an already profitable online business with systems in place.
  • Pay an operator to manage and grow your business so you can keep earning more money efficiently at your job or just relax.
  • There are less black hat (shady) methods to gain rank in Google and Amazon now which makes the current spots harder to take.

After the introduction, Matt dives deep into investing and teaches you step by step what to look for in businesses. He takes it even further by showing you how you can already take this profitable business and generate more revenue with it.

Crash courses

In order to run online businesses (or any business in this day and age) you have to understand the skills that go behind building and growing one.

These skills consist of Google, Facebook, and Amazon ads that are tied into copywriting.

Copywriting is the most important skill when it comes to anything online.

Copywriting is persuasive writing which is the most important aspect to

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Amazon Product Listings

You’re trying to convince someone to either make a purchase or enter an email. In other words, you’re persuading them.

Matt will go over Google and Facebook ads and how they should be used together. If you can’t drive traffic to your business, then there will be no cash flow.


This is an optional course since it has nothing to do with online business investing but don’t overlook it.

Matt publishes some fun videos about his startups he failed, the business mindset you should have,

  • Start ups he failed.
  • The business mindset you should have.
  • Taboo dating styles for men
  • Philippines dating.
  • Rich Friends, Poor Friends.

It’s really just teaching you about psychology which is crucial in both marketing and sales.

Not only this, but Matt also goes over his mistakes and shares them in Engineered Truth Premium.

This category is completely optional but worth going through if you’re interested.


Ask and answer any questions from fellow Engineered Truth Premium members!

I personally love it when course creators create a community or forum page. If it weren’t for Seth Hymes’ InDemandCareer forum, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Click here if you’re interested in my review/testimonial of InDemandCareer. It’s how I was able to get into the world of business and the entrepreneur lifestyle!

Matt will occasionally post updates/news and even reply to some questions premium members have. Trust me, that little “touch” you get from someone like that can go a long way.

The community is rather small since the course is still relatively new, but that just means you’ll get more exposure with your questions!


All in all, Engineered Truth Premium is a unique course that you won’t find elsewhere. On top of that, Matt only charges $20/month for it which is insane!

Most courses that offer this kind of value would be at a minimum $1000.

The only drawback I can think of is that Engineered Truth Premium is still relatively new, meaning that there isn’t too much content available. However, Matt updates Engineered Truth Premium daily so overtime it will be massive!



It’s a steal!

Once Engineered Truth Premium has more content, I believe it deserves beyond a 10/10. This course should be more expensive, I’d recommend getting Engineered Truth Premium while it remains at this price!

Become A Premium Member

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