This One Type Of Investment Will Get You An Instant Profit At Little To No Cost

I remember sitting in my economics class not too long ago and I cringed when I heard the financial advice my teacher was giving to my class.

The first day, she said that if you follow her advice that everyone would become a millionaire (as she had a nervous look on her face). I immediately thought “If this is the blueprint to get rich, why isn’t she rich?”

I asked her that question and she replies “I didn’t invest when I was younger.”

Now I’m not saying that she’s wrong per say, Warren Buffet made most of his money towards the second half of his life. However, I don’t think she knew the limitless opportunities to make money.

In this article, I’m going to show you the best possible investments you can make to give you an instant cash flow directly in your bank account. Let’s make some money, shall we?

understand asset vs liability

There are two different types of purchases in the world. Those that eat away at your money (liability) and those that increase your income (asset).

Let me ask you a question, which of these would you rather have

  • Phone
  • Car
  • Boat
  • House

Now, it obviously depends on your situation but out of that list, which is the asset and what are the liabilities.

If you said the house was the asset, you would be correct. Here’s why

Although the house would generally be the most expensive purchase of the four, you could rent it out at a price higher than the mortgage generating passive cash flow. When the time is right, you could sell the house for a higher profit than when you first bought it.

Now real estate is one of the most common investment options in the world, but there are more powerful investing options out there that not many people are doing.

online advertising

Almost every single household has access to the Internet, where they try to find

  • Entertainment
  • Answers
  • Products

“What does this have to do with investing?” you may ask. Allow me explain.

You can create an online store within hours, having products that have been proven to sell that you don’t carry or even purchase until someone has bought the product from your store.

This business model is called Dropshipping.

I won’t go into depth on what Dropshipping really is, you can find more than enough information about it with a simple Google search and some YouTube videos.

The point I’m trying to make is that spending money on Google/Facebook/Instagram ads are cheaper than buying stocks and real estate, while having the same or (more than likely) higher profit margin.

How about a different business model. Let’s say you create a content website and publish blog articles on a consistent basis with a good amount of traffic coming in.

Companies and business owners will sometimes offer you affiliate links, meaning that if a customer makes a purchase through your link, you get a small commission of the purchase.

This method will generally make some money for yourself but it by no means will make you a millionaire for 99% of people.

However, if you get enough traffic to your blog Google will start putting display ads on your website, and you get paid when someone clicks on the ad. This has the potential to scale your blog to a large income level.

The good thing about content websites is that once you make an article, it will stay there forever. When you have a dropshipping store or just any store with products, there’s a chance you’ll run out of inventory.

You could go from making $10,000/month to $0 in an instant if there’s no products to sell.


Stocks and real estate are fantastic ways to make money. You can generate millions off those two methods if done correctly.

However, the Internet has changed the game and it won’t be going away any time soon.

Every day Google and Facebook are growing because these companies are making millions off of advertising on these platforms, and you can too!

Hope you guys take advantage of these opportunities that are right in front of you. As always, have a great day!

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