Seth Hymes’ Digital Marketing Training Course Blueprint Review

If you’ve been looking for ways to make money online, career ideas, or anything of the sort, I have the perfect course for you.

This is not a paid testimonial, this is an honest review of the course that changed my life forever.

How did this course change my life? Keep reading and I’ll tell you exactly how.

Background on me

Click here to see the full story of how I was able to get a Digital Marketing job managing $30k/month in ad spend at 18 years old.

I’ve been wanting to have my own business for a long time, but had no idea where to start. I had a lot ideas like joining the military to build a foundation for myself so I could then have the resources to start my business.

But that wasn’t fulfilling to me at all.

I had to do a school project where I had to spend 30 hours learning something and present it at the end of the year. After searching for ideas to do for my project, I stumbled upon this video.

I was hooked in seconds.

Now this was on Matt’s channel Engineered Truth, but it didn’t take long to find Seth’s channel.

I watched almost every testimonial he had, as well as went through his free course “Skip College For Success.” He even turned it into a book where you can find on Amazon.

Since it was a monthly payment, I wanted to have as much time as possible to learn the course in the 1 month time frame.

I decided to buy the course the day the semester ended which was December 2018. This way, I didn’t have to worry about school and I had a few weeks to put all of my focus into the course.

The course

Seth has a very nice layout to his course. The first videos are the introduction to the course which explains what you’re going to be learning and why you should learn these skills.

These skills consist of

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Google Ads/Adwords
  • Facebook Ads

This is only about half of the course. The other half consists of

  • Writing your resume.
  • How to search for jobs.
  • Why you don’t need a degree.
  • How to beat the experience paradox.
  • Why employers are desperate for these positions to be filled.

Seth does an amazing job at teaching these skills. He doesn’t go over advanced techniques but rather the basic skills to land your first job.

Seth will even recommend other courses and books in his course to solidify all of the knowledge. I personally only bought Perry Marshall’s Google Ads book due to financial situations (I was working part-time at a movie theater).


Should you buy this course. Absolutely! It’s worth every single penny! It should be much more expensive but Seth is an honest guy trying to help people.

Throughout the course, Seth will personally check up on you from time to time to see how you’re doing. He’ll help you to make sure you’re on track.

It wasn’t this course alone that helped me land interviews and my job. It was a combination of different courses and out of the box ways to land experience, such as opening my own Shopify drop shipping store (which failed).

All in all, it all really started with this course and I can’t thank Seth enough for doing this.

Rating: 10/10

Go out there and buy this right now!

Have any questions for me or about the course. Leave a comment below. I’ll personally answer every question someone might have. As always, have a great day!

Start Your New Career

(I get a small commission if you purchase the course through my links. If you decide to buy the course I would encourage you to buy it through here to support my blog!)


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