The Devastating Truth of Free Webinars

“If you give me just 60 seconds, I can show you how I did (something that’s in high demand and pays a lot of money” which has generated (insert lots of money). I’m giving away all of this information in my free live webinar. Sign up while seats last!”

Sound familiar? In the past, free webinars were this cool event where anyone could host there own seminar online and interact/connect with others. But today, it’s become an awful cancer that has spread across many so called entrepreneurs offering the “next big thing“. It targets those who truly do seek an entrepreneur life but need guidance. Instead of offering true, valuable guidance they butter you up saying “you have to take action” or some other bulls!*t, then try to sell you some masterclass for only those who “want it.”

In this article, I’m going to share my experiences with these gurus who have 1 ad template that generates thousands of dollars, the business model that no one has heard of, the business model that no one uses, and all the other pitches these gurus do. Sound interesting? Let’s dive in.

Live Webinars in the Past

Now, I don’t really know exactly what live webinars were like in the beginning (I was probably like 7 years old). I did, however, got a brief insight from Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wallstreet). Jordan’s course on how to sell is a great course for those who truly want to learn how to sell anything. He goes over how to speak to people, how to close deals, and how to counteract doubts of potential deals via looping. I haven’t finished it yet but I might leave a review on this blog in the future.

Anyway, in Jordan’s first lesson, he goes over the scam of free webinars. He said that during the early 2000’s they were great and offered very valuable content. It was a great way to interact with the speaker and you could connect with others interested in the same content in a live setting. After that, he went on a huge rant on how they are today.

Live Webinars Today

Let’s say you’re trying to get some motivation, or are just looking at some tips for a new business idea you’re thinking of until this happens before the video starts. “If you give me just 60 seconds…” This is a common marketing tactic which works impeccably well. They hook you by assuring you that what they’re about to say is going to be good content and won’t take up hardly any of your time. Then they show the one thing that can talk to anyone, money. Lots of it. If you weren’t hooked before, you probably will be after they explain how they got that money. Naturally, you click the ad.

“They butter you up and try to sell you” says Jordan Belfort, and he’s exactly right. They use certain plug ins on their website to make sure you are pressured to sign up to the webinar within minutes of seeing the ad. This would be the work of a count down plug in which you can see on many websites, particularly ones that try to sell you something.

You’re excited, anxious, pressured, and will downright feel like an idiot if you don’t sign up for this free live webinar and listen to what this person has to say. So, you sign up with a name and email. Now, you will forever be on this person’s email marketing list, where they will try to sell you more and more with free webinars and tips of how to succeed…if you buy the masterclass/course.

You’re in. The countdown has finished and the live stream will soon begin. Chances are, it isn’t going to be a recognized live stream platform like YouTube Live or Twitch, just some random website with the chat having “technical difficulties” and you’re unable to rewind the stream, pause it, or see how long it’s been going on.

The stream begins and you’re impressed by the quality. There’s little to no blur in the camera, the microphone is crystal clear, and everything is flowing perfectly…too perfectly. That’s because the live webinars aren’t actually live webinars. They are prerecorded which has generic responses to the “chat.” They also might say that if you missed it, they recorded it “just for you.”

Then they begin to do their pitch or what they like to call it “taking action.” Three quarters of this 2 hour long webinar will be this huge story about how they went through some devastating life experience (or any life experience) that made them push to become a millionaire with their secret tactic. “You have to decide!” They’re carefully choosing their language to make it feel personal, that if you don’t listen and buy their course, it’s on you. It truly pains me now that I look back. I went through every single one of these steps only to come to the conclusion that 2 hours of my life have been wasted watching this buffoon sell me his masterclass. Only a good 15 to 20 minutes of this course will be the information you’d be looking for, which won’t be completely revealed. Only if you buy the course/masterclass will you understand how to be just like me, an online guru who scams people who are truly wanting something better in life.


Now, I personally have never bought one of these courses/masterclasses because of the outrageous price tag on them so I can’t say whether or not they are truly what they say they are. All I have to say is this. If you truly have good content and want to share it with the world to grow your brand, offer it for free or very little. Don’t be like every one else! The key to having a successful brand in today’s world is to have differentiation!

I hope you found this informative. I certainly wish I could’ve read this blog post before I attended that webinar.

Have you ever seen these ads? Have you ever attended one of these webinars? Did you buy their course/masterclass? Leave a comment below and share your experience so others can know whether or not they should invest time and money into these gurus!


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